Message Tag Troubleshooting

Use this troubleshooting guide if you are using a tag in the message but not getting the intended result. 

If you are seeing the display name rather the expected data in your outgoing text, it could be a problem with copying and pasting your message content. 

Message Tag.png

A simple solve for this issue is to remove formatting from your text before copying and pasting into a New Message box. There is often hidden formatting on the text when you are copying it from another site or application. 

Use an app like Notes or Notepad to clear the formatting.

  1. Copy your text from your source (an email, a Word document, a website).
  2. Paste this text into a Note or Notepad (this removes formatting).
  3. Copy the text from the Note or Notepad.
  4. Paste into the New Message box. 
  5. Add tags.
  6. Send or schedule as usual.

Message Tag.gif

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