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If you find Salesforce  is not syncing with Signal Vine, take these steps to get up and running again.

Fix 1: Check the Apex's job status.

  1. Select the settings tab on the top of your SV Sync dashboard within Salesforce. These two indicators should be green
  2. If one or both are red, click the blue restart button.


Fix 2: Check the advanced setting queues.

If you are connected to Signal Vine and both indicators are green and it is still not syncing with Signal Vine, check the Advanced Settings

  1. On the settings tab, click the toggle to enable Advanced Tools.

Are any of the numbers larger than you expected?

If yes, select the program tab at the top of your dashboard and select the program you are working on to look for errors.

2. Check the field mapping.

3. Are most fields coming from Salesforce to Signalvine?

From Salesforce to Signal Vine is typically what you would expect to see.

Do you notice any Signal Vine fields that are mismatched with their Salesforce field.

Do you notice any Signal Vine fields that have been deactivated or deleted on the signal vine side?

4. Click the pencil to make the appropriate edit.


Fix 3: Check the logs for errors. 

If the field mapping is correct, but the contact queue is large, it's time to check the logs.

  1. Go to the logs tab at the top of your dashboard. You will find a list of all sync attempts.
  2. Look for any log that has an error. 

If the error log references field mapping, this might be due to a field that has been added to Signal Vine in Salesforce and then deactivated.

This error means it maps to a field that doesn't exist, which will cause the error. 

3. Head back to your program and double check the fields.

Another common error occurs when you see an action with "update participant," "delete participant," or "create participant."

There is likely something wrong with the index.

This means Signal Vine and Salesforce are miscommunicating about a record.

Phone numbers must be unique in Signal Vine, so it will not allow a new record to be made with same phone number.

4. Go to settings, scroll to rebuild index.

5. Select your program.

6. Hit rebuild.

This will match up the IDs correctly.

Rebuild index is a great way to see if that's the problem and quickly resolve it because hitting rebuild index will not harm your data.

Rebuilding the index takes a few minutes. So it will delay syncing during that time.

7. If you have a specific contact with an error, head to the contacts tab. Search that name. If the signal line ID says none, they are not in the index.

8. To add the contact manually, go to programs, push, and add the specific record.

9. Add a new rule for each criteria you want to push to Signal Vine.


Fix 4: Escalate to the Signal Vine team.

If you've tried these solutions and Salesforce is still not syncing with Signal Vine, contact support

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