Data Best Practices - July 2023 Webinar


Extra Resource on Data Management

Spring 2023 Webinar on Data Management: Learn about dealing with duplicate numbers, multiple users with the same number and more


Answers to the Q&A! 

  1. If we're not using salesforce what are the best ways for us to bring data from various sources into signalvine? SFTP or API – work with your CSM and IT 
  2. Will we ever be able to delete custom fields? Can Signal Vine delete them on the back end?

    Users cannot currently delete fields, nor is this something our engineers can help with. We recommend changing fields to hidden which removes them from visibility within contact data, but the data is still stored within Signal Vine and can be updated.  
  3. Is the only way to change a field each year (flu documentation received in 2022, then 2023...) is to create a new field each year? We cannot delete old fields. Some users will use one field called flu_documentation and then input the year or have yes/no and then wipe clean for all contacts each year to then update status.
  4. How can I learn more about integrating data management systems like Raiser's Edge with Signal Vine (if possible)?

    Most customers use SFTP or API. The only integration Signal Vine has is with Salesforce

    API KB section:

    SFTP KB article:

  5. If you submit an upload with the field but with nothing in the field for a student, will it delete what is currently in there? 

    Yes, it will make the contents of that field blank. Imports to update date override whatever is currently within that field.

    If you only want to update some students, only upload a file containing the students you want to update. Students not on the CSV will not be updated.

  6. The currently enrolled pulls in everyone who ever registered.  How do I just pull the currently enrolled for the particular semester. The query/criteria of who appears on the file is managed on your side by the user or the IT department. 
  7. We accidently created a duplicate group name.. How do we delete the duplicate name? Group lists are deleted when all contacts within that group list are moved to a different group list. You can request a contact export by clicking Programs, Export Contacts. You can delete all columns except for Signal Vine ID and group list. Remove all rows except for those with the duplicate group list name. Replace the data with the correct group list name, then import to update contact data.  
  8. I would like to know how to remove student's phone number (change the field blank).  This is meaning that this student does not have any phone numbers.

    Every contact has to have a phone number on file. If it is not the correct number, you could mark the phone as invalid or replace with a fake number like 555-123-4567

  9. Can I use the personalization feature with a group list code.

    My only responsibility is to actually type and send messages. Our data tech gives me a group code that will look something like- APP2224-NEO227. I would love to use the personalization feature, but I wanted to be sure the name is there/data saved.

    The personalization (merge field) feature can be found when you open a new message at the bottom right. It looks like a small price tag.

    This may need follow-up between user & their CSM.

  10. When I try to use the advanced search it times out on me very often and I have to keep starting over. Is this something that other college have complained about and is there a solution? When this happens, please notify CSM with the date/time it occurred so we can review logs. We recommend using Google Chrome and the latest version available for your computer. Additionally, if you leave Signal Vine for other pages/tabs and return, that could cause a refresh 
  11. I would be interested in the same phone number for multiple students. Signal Vine only allows for one contact per phone number. Deleting a group list occurs if all users in a group list are moved to a different group list. Once a group list is empty, Signal Vine automatically deletes it.  
  12. Does including a student in a campaign preserve the messaging history? A student’s message history will be preserved as long as they are still in Signal Vine. 
  13. How do you clear a field for all students? When you upload your data field, leave the cell in your spreadsheet blank for all rows in the data file.  
  14. Let's assume signalvine has good measures in place to keep our data safe. What 3rd parties does SV share with? We don't share data with any third-parties. Contact data belongs to their institution and we don't have any rights to share. We use Amazon AWS to host our platform. Our messaging partners are Bandwidth and Twilio, where we share and provide phone number and message.


Signal Vine July Webinar - Data Best Practices

Get the most out of Signal Vine with accurate, up-to-date and relevant data. 

During this training, you will use Signal Vine to:

  • Upload and update contact data 
  • Understand data types and their uses
  • Use your data to target students

Jul 12, 2023 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)



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