Pushing Records to Signal Vine

Note: SV Messaging is a premium offering for Salesforce customers. If you'd like to add SV Messaging to your Signal Vine account, reach out to your account team. The following article is for administrators only and assume's you've already installed SV Messaging. If you're interested in an administrative overview of the package, check out the Configuring and Setting Up SV Messaging article

Pushing Records to Signal Vine

When you're setting up SV Messaging to sync with Signal Vine, at some point you'll want to push a population of records over to Signal Vine. Doing this from within Salesforce is easy.

First, open SV Messaging from your App Launcher. Once you're in SV Messaging, go to Program and click the name of the program you want to push records for. Then go to the Push tab.


Step 1: Select Contact records

First, you need to build a query to gather the records you want to send to Signal Vine. The query builder is just like any query builder in Salesforce - simply pick fields from the dropdown and start defining. Each criteria you add is adding another AND statement (Push doesn't yet support OR statements) and records that meet the criteria will begin to appear in the preview below.

Step 2: Preview

Here you'll find a preview of records that meet your criteria. Use this to confirm that your criteria are set up correctly and that the records are as expected.

Step 3: Advanced options

Most people should just skip to the final step, but if you need either of these special advanced options you can specify them here:.

  • Assign program phone to all records
    If you want to force assign an outgoing program phone to all matching records, you can specify it by checking this box. Leaving this blank will have Signal Vine automatically assign the outgoing number instead.
  • Assign group_list to all records
    If you want to force a group_list value to all records being sent, you can specify this here. Note that this will override any group_list value that is assigned by other means.


Once you're ready, simply click "Push to Signal Vine" and SV Messaging will queue up these records and send them over the next time the sync runs. The sync will create the records in Signal Vine and populate data based on what you've set up in the Fields tab. The process can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on how many records you're sending and the Salesforce instance you're running on.

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