How do I send or schedule a message to a single contact?

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Contact profile (accessible by clicking a contact's name anywhere on the site)


In the profile, click the Show conversation button at the right to view the messaging history with that contact. Below the conversation history, click into the text box (with the grey text that reads Enter your message...) to begin writing your message.

Clicking the Show conversation button from the contact's profile will bring up their conversation history. Click into the message box at the bottom of the conversation to send a message to that contact. When you click into the box, it will expand and will show options for scheduling or sending the message immediately.

We can view our conversation history with Deborah at the right, and click the text box at the bottom of the conversation to start a new message.

Image of a contact's profile-deatils view with their conversation thread opened.

Character count

As you type your message, the character count at the bottom right will update, showing you how many characters you have used of the 1600 limit. While you can use as much of the character limit as you would like, remember that shorter messages are much easier to read and can generate higher response rates!


If you would like to add an emoji to your message, click the smiley face icon at the bottom right. Scroll through the list and click whichever emoji you would like to add to the message. Note that the emoji will be inserted wherever your cursor currently is.


To attach a photo or gif to your text, click on the image icon at the bottom right. Click Select files to upload to choose your attachments. Note that only .jpg, .gif, and .png files are supported, and that files must be under 500 KB. Once you've selected your file(s), click the pencil icon at the bottom right to return to the text editor.


The Delivery Date below the text allows you to choose whether the message should send immediately once you click Send, or if the message should send at a future date and time. By default, the Now option is selected. To choose another time, click Future Date. A calendar will appear, allowing you to choose the date on which you'd like the text to send. Below the calendar, choose the time you'd like the message to send at, by clicking the hour and/or minute and typing a new value. Click am or pm to change the time period. 

Once your message is complete, click Send and your message will send immediately or at the time you have selected!


We've composed a text, added one emoji and one .png, and have scheduled it to send on 4/30 We can now click Send to schedule the message. 

Image of the individual contact message box, with a message scheduled to go out on a future date, with an emoji, and a .png image included.

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