Bookmarking an SSO login page

Right now, organizations using Single Sign On cannot use the general login screen ( to login to Message. Instead, your account team will provide you with a custom SSO link that will load your SSO login portal.

Users will want to create a bookmark to easily get to Message. Due to the nature of the redirect and how the SSO login screen works, you will be unable to simply click the bookmark button.. The custom SSO link will redirect too quickly to be able to bookmark, and bookmarking your organization's login screen will cause an error next time you use it.

To get around this, you will need to create the bookmark by hand. Here's how you do it in the most popular browsers:

Google Chrome

  1. Go to Bookmarks - Bookmark Manager
  2. Click the three vertical dots on the top right of the blue bar
  3. Select Add New Bookmark
  4. Enter a name and paste your custom SSO link into the URL field.
  5. Click Save


  1. Go to Bookmarks - Show All Bookmarks
  2. Click the gear icon (Mac) or the Organize button (Windows) and select New Bookmark
  3. Enter a name and paste your custom SSO link into the Location field.
  4. Click Add


  1. With any website open, type ⌘B
  2. Enter a name and click Add
  3. Go to Bookmarks - Edit Bookmarks
  4. Find the bookmark you just created and replace the Address field your custom SSO link
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