How do I set up a Virtual Advisor for a specific program?

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The Message platform supports Virtual Advisor responses particular to each of your programs for a more customized experience for your contacts. Don't worry, you can still have a blanket Virtual Advisor for all programs, but this gives you more flexibility! Here is how to set up a new Virtual Advisor for a specific program:

Navigate to Settings > Virtual Advisors > New Virtual Advisor

Image of Virtual Advisor standard screen

Give your new Virtual Advisor a name and write an optional description. Under Configuration, you can now allow Program Admins to manage the Virtual Advisor, then the Admins of the specified programs will be able to add and edit answers to questions from this Advisor. Image of new Virtual Advisor customization page.png

Lastly, you can choose if you want to apply the Virtual Advisor to all programs, or just specific ones. Click "change" to select the specific programs the new Virtual Advisor should answer questions for:

Image of Virtual Advisor program selection page.png

Once you have saved the Virtual Advisor, you can set answers to the questions of your choosing by going to "Available Questions", view and edit answered questions by going to "Answered Questions", and update the preferences and access by going to "Settings". Additionally, you can mark a Virtual Advisor active or inactive by toggling the button at the top right corner of the page displayed below.


Image of Available Questions Screen



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