Navigating the Messages Inbox on the Mobile App

This article explains the Messages Inbox on the new mobile app.


Once you've logged into the mobile app, you will be directed to the Messages tab, which shows your inbox. The first time you log in, the inbox will show all messages that you have access to. 


Filtering by Program

There are two ways you can filter the messages you see by Program. The first is by tapping the blue pill at the top of the screen. This menu allows you to select one Program, as well as star Programs to add them to your Favorites, making them easily accessible. This is helpful if there are only a few Programs you really need to pay attention to, and you only want to view one Program's messages at a time.



The other way to filter by Program is to use the menu in the top right. Here you can filter by multiple Programs, by expanding the Program menu and tapping to select/de-select the Programs you want to see. Then tap Done.



Filtering by Group

In order to filter the inbox so you are only seeing messages from contacts in specific groups, you will use the menu icon in the top right. Once you expand the Programs menu and select the Program you want to view, tap the right arrow to see the list of Groups you have access to. Tap the Group(s) to select/de-select. Then tap Done.


Taking Action on Messages

If you are looking at your list of messages, you can swipe to take three kinds of actions. Swiping left allows you to mark a message as Read/Unread or Flagged/Unflagged. Swiping right on the message allows you to mark it as Action Needed/No Action Needed. 



If you have opened an individual conversation, you can tap the three dots on the top right to expand a menu. Here you can mark a message as Action Needed/No Action Needed, mark it as Read/Unread, or Flag/Unflag it. 




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